Vivian Chu

Chad Turner

Vivian Chu

Vivian is a big fan of noodles. Not just any noodles, but ramen, and pho, and savory broths that simmer for hours. She also likes sleep...and dumplings! In her free time, Vivian enjoys illustrating and painting whimsical watercolors or digital paintings. She finds her passion and inspiration for design driven by the endless amount of work done by creative artists both old and new alike.

She believes in designing for the good and with the good.

Vivian graduated from the University of Hartford’s Art School ‘18 at the top of the design class. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications Design with a minor in illustration. In 2019 she won the Connecticut Art Directors Club’s Emerging Excellence Award for the best young/up and coming talent in the state of Connecticut.

Fun fact: Vivian is first generation American, and is bilingual speaking English and Vietnamese.