Creative Director

Jason Cheshire

Chesh is the idea guy - big ones, little ones. A natural mentor with a keen eye for design, he oversees the creative work that goes out the door while leading the design team (and dropping inspiration and one-liners wherever he finds it), and nurturing an environment that helps designers grow. If something gets the Chesh approval, you know it’s gotta be good.

  • Competed in mascot competitions; sports teams, restaurants, films - no outfit is off limits
  •  His Jeep proudly lugged boards and bikes over 19 states for all the outdoor adventures; now it lugs two toddlers and sippy cups
  • Lived in Tahoe for six years and found his happy place, only to be lured back to the East Coast by a phone call from GO
  • Was President of the CADC (CT Art Directors Club) for three years
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
Doing good work means steering the customer in a direction that will genuinely improve their life, or their business, or their environment. Whatever we do has to make a positive contribution to all three. quote