Brand Director

Nicki Steneri Morrow

Nicole's favorite saying is, "make work your favorite”— bonus points if you get the festive movie reference. As Brand Director, Nicki is the concierge to all things GO. She onboards new client partners, develops brand strategies, and powers creative. As a true client advocate, she works tirelessly to ensure their mission is brought to life. 

  • Logged 102,996 minutes last year on Spotify (with a goal of 250,000 for this coming year)
  • Addicted to Babble - currently trying to speak Italian
  • Practices gratitude daily - especially for dogs.
  • You are more than likely to find her outdoors year round, ideally by or in any body of water
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
Listening and leading our team in supporting our clients where they are and where they want to GO every day. quote