Interactive Designer

Ashley Niro

Ever since she was old enough to pick up a crayon, Ashley has been creating art. Now, instead of drawing on her family's walls, she uses her skills to design and develop a variety of print and digital deliverables. Her desire to learn and improve while keeping up with creative trends, programs, and platforms makes her an invaluable member of the GO team.

  • Collects horror memorabilia and owns a 12ft skeleton that she dresses up for different holidays
  • Owns over 50 pairs of Vans sneakers
  • Goes to Disney World every year for her favorite holiday…HALLOWEEN!
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
Putting creative projects out into the world that are meaningful and serve a purpose. If they can help a business tell their story, reach more people, or serve as inspiration to someone else, I consider it a success. quote