Project Manager/ Traffic Manager

Melinda Paolino

As GO's Project and Traffic Manager, Melinda moves tasks through the system with organization that would make Marie Kondo jealous. Plans change, and she is ready - decoding information from the client so our team can do what they need to do to keep our clients happy.

  • Hobbies? You name it, she’s probably tried it– hiking, biking, yoga, crafting, painting, crocheting, baking
  • Can’t live without her Hydroflask water bottle, which she lovingly refers to as her Emotional Support Water Bottle™
  • Brings a little notebook with her everywhere she goes that is filled with reminders, random thoughts, doodles, and plans for world domination 
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
Delivering quality work to our clients and collaborating with good people and good companies. It is one of the reasons that makes working at GO so fulfilling! quote