Marketing Technology Manager

Danielle Cambio

As a creative overachiever with a curious mind, continuous learning is Danielle’s mantra. She feels the best learning is done by doing, and sometimes, even more valuable, by learning what not to do. Danielle lives and breathes email and marketing automation, she is a subject matter expert and is passionate about enhancing user experience from end to end. 

  • Danielle takes pride in responding with the perfect giphy.
  • With a last name that translates to “change” she embodies that word's essence, whether that is picking up and taking sabbatical to Moab or letting change ignite her to adapt and innovate for her clients. 
  • Attempting to achieve Instagram fame vicariously through her dog, @itsmebonham 
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
Delivering to the best of my abilities. It’s the result of discipline, expertise, and collaboration, and when I attach my name, it signifies a job done with pride. Regardless of the client or task at hand, I take an empathy-driven approach when offering recommendations that not only benefit the client but also enrich the experience of the end user. quote