Jill Marber

When Jill happened to walk past our Atlanta office while in the midst of a community event, she thought we looked like a fun place to work. So, she sent us her portfolio and an email that convinced us to add her to the team. Today, Jill is responsible for writing clear, concise, and engaging content across all marketing channels for our clients while working with designers to ensure GO delivers the right message. 

  • Co-wrote two short films and a streaming series that won their categories at multiple film festivals
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Prince complimented her pants in a Tokyo restaurant
  • Doubles as a stage-mom (and taxi) for her daughter who has appeared in numerous on-camera and stage productions 
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
It is more than meeting deadlines or reaching a word count, but really taking into consideration how the work we do truly helps our clients reach the next level of success. quote