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The Power of Brand Anthems

3 min read

An anthem is a term for a video representing an organization, brand, or business that doesn’t just explain what the described entity does but also why. Anthems are useful because they usually help corral many different arms of an organization around a driving idea, reinforcing a sense of purpose from the inside out.

When anthems work, we often hear the language we help craft in the script repeated back to us for years by the client, like it was always there.

Rehrig Pacific Company had us make them a brand anthem about five years ago that did its job, it opened meetings and pitches and helped explain the very complex work of that company so effectively that when the business grew and evolved to the point where that anthem felt outdated, they asked for another one.

It’s hard to follow up a hit, but with a sense of fun and adventure, we were able to deliver something totally original and equally effective with this, Rehrig Pacific Company Brand Anthem (the sequel.)