Web Developer

Jen Vasseur

Jen began teaching herself how to code back when she was in high school in the time of dial-up. Now she enjoys building “cool stuff” that lives on the interwebs for GO. As a Web Developer, her day may consist of creating, maintaining, and updating various client websites, troubleshooting issues to ascertain the cause and implement the solution, and helping with email coding and automation. 

  • Enjoys video and tabletop gaming and is currently immersed in an extended monthly Dungeons & Dragons campaign 
  • Likes Legos a lot and recently started working on modular building sets, including putting mini lights in them and lining them up on her mantle
  • Owns a Mini Cooper she named Stella, loves to cook for friends and family, and crochets as a way to relax in her free time
What does “Doing Good Work” mean to you?
The feeling that my teammates know they can trust me to help them with work, or as a shoulder to lean on for any reason. quote