GO honored with “Creative Inspiration Award”



Hartford, CT: Continuing to break the mold when it comes to marketing financial services, GO Media was recently presented with the prestigious Creative Inspiration Award by the Ad Club of CT for their work on Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union’s “Bury Your Money” integrated campaign. The award honors work that pushes boundaries, elevates the art of advertising and inspires creative thinking.

The campaign, which included digital billboards, digital display ads, and a discreet cameo in NFCU’s Banking Game commercial, contained no actual branding for the credit union. Instead, unbranded creative elements touting the image of campaign face “Clint Stone”, the As Seen on TV logo and the buryyourmoney.com web address drove curious consumers to an equally unbranded, tongue in cheek landing page. With a distinctly unprofessional feel, the unresponsive landing page boasts lines like “The safest place for your dough is 6 feet below,” “Protect your stash, bury your cash!” and “If you let us bury your cash, we’ll even patch your grass!” and encourages consumers to utilize Clint Stone’s services to bury their money.

One click on the landing page takes the consumer to NFCU’s actual website, where information about their services is readily available.

Developed with the intention of breaking the standard approach to financial marketing and standing out in a crowded marketplace, the campaign follows NFCU’s continued out of the box approach to engaging and educating customers.

The judging panel acknowledged the challenge that many marketers face when developing campaigns for companies in the financial sector and applauded GO’s risky approach. Feedback from the judges included the following:

“In financial services, there are so many regulations and restrictions that clients are often shy of creative ideas that don't fit with the norm. Yet this integrated campaign was recognized for the Creative Inspiration Award because it was not the norm, and was successfully sold in and executed across multiple channels.” 

“I thought this was a risky solution that the creative team pushed and pushed. And to their credit and their client's credit, it definitely stands out.  I thought this campaign should inspire all of us creatives to push the work.”  

GO also took home six additional awards from the Ad Club of CT for their work on various videos, printed pieces and other campaigns.