Aug 16

GO’s (it’s not too late to add to your) Summer Reading List

Whether you prefer to read while lounging on the beach, in a room with the AC blasting, or swaying in a hammock underneath the shade of a big tree, getting lost in a good book is a great way to enjoy a long, hot day. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite books to keep you thinking outside the box during the final stretch of summer.

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Jul 16

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Creativity

In the midst of the annual 4th of July festivities and a busy election year, it’s easy to get caught up in the politics that exist in our nation today. This week we’re paying patriotic homage to the Founding Fathers as we explain how they were not just experts in government, but also creative geniuses.

You’ll notice that the steps taken by the Founding Fathers bear an uncanny resemblance to those taken by marketing and communications agencies today when developing and implementing ideas for clients.

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Jun 16

Google AdWords and Google Analytics 2016 Updates

Last Tuesday, Google hosted it’s annual Performance Summit in San Francisco, where they gave marketers from around the globe a sneak peek at some of their latest features. At GO, we tend to geek out when it comes to cutting edge technology and updates, so to say that we were a tad excited about changes coming to both Google AdWords and Google Analytics would be a bit of an understatement.

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Feb 16

2016 Super Bowl Ad Awards

WFSB 3 Connecticut

For most, this Sunday’s Super Bowl wasn’t as much about the battle between the Broncos and the Panthers as it was the fierce competition between the fifty-two brand new commercials that ran during the big game. For the first time in history, the going rate for a thirty-second spot started at a whopping $5 million. Not a bad investment for brands whose commercials really hit it out of the park. Of the fifty-two spots, however, there were only a handful that truly got the best bang for their buck. From animal/human hybrids to celebrity cameos, this year’s ads ranged from laugh out loud funny to “Did that really just happen?”, leaving viewers entertained and at times, speechless.

Now what type of ad agency would we be if we didn’t give credit where credit was due? Here’s our roundup of the best (and most perplexing) spots that are sure to have everyone talking until next year’s Super Bowl. So without further adieu, we present to you the winners of GO’s 2016 Super Bowl Ad Awards.

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May 15

Google’s Updates Have Advertisers Geeking Out!

Google recently announced that not only will it soon be flaunting a slick new mobile interface, but it will also be releasing even more robust analytics and tools to further optimize its Adwords platform. The announcement, as expected, has Adwords advertisers from around the world geeking out hardcore! (GO included.) These necessary upgrades to enhance mobile usability are sure to keep the almighty Google sitting pretty atop its throne, continuing its reign as the number one search engine in the world.

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Mar 15

So Bad, It’s Good

Well folks, an outlandish Minor League name change has once again lead to an overwhelming amount of chatter, on a national scale. The Hartford Yard Goats (formerly known as the New Britain Rock Cats) have everyone and their mother talking about this Average Joe baseball team. Individuals who could care less about baseball are putting their two cents in on why the heck the Hartford Yard Goats was the name they decided to go with. Nay sayers and supporters alike have lit up social media with their thoughts on this petty matter. It’s safe to say that The Hartford Yard Goats have (dare we say it) gone viral.
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Dec 14

GOing All Out This Holiday Season

As the year quickly comes to a close, there seems like no better time to reflect than the present. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re pretty proud of the fact that our GO team is comprised of fun, innovative, and hard-working individuals. However, we all have our little quirks. Continue reading →

Oct 14

Revolutionizing The B**king World

Changing the perception of an industry means going against the grain. Not always an easy task. Someone courageous needs to be willing to take a huge, yet calculated, risk.

Enter Lisa Asadourian.
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Jul 14

Calculating the Shift in Digital Marketing

With the shift in traditional marketing comes the need to shift your budget. As the popularity of digital video placement continues to grow and smartphones, tablets and computers occupy more and more time out of our every day lives, the idea of using digital video as a core part of your advertising budget is becoming more mainstream. There are two questions that continue to be raised- is there value in moving some of the money originally allocated for your television budget into your digital budget? And how do you justify that move with actual data?

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May 14

And the Award Really Goes To…

Last night GO, along with a multitude of other Connecticut advertising agencies, gathered for Ad Club CT’s 60th Annual Awards Ceremony to recognize the past year’s most innovative work. The amount of talent that is contained within our small state is incredible and as an agency, we are honored to be part such a forward thinking, creative network. We would like to congratulate our fellow award winners on a job well done.
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