About Us

We're GO

A group of entrepreneur-minded creative individuals who have joined forces to become an award-winning, full-service marketing and communications agency with offices in Hartford, Connecticut and Atlanta, Georgia. 

Since 2004, we've believed that our client's goals come first – not our services. It's easy to create cookie-cutter marketing solutions that can fit every client. But we're not ones to take the easy road.

Instead, we approach each client open and fresh, building unique strategies based on your intended outcomes. And yes, we have all the internal marketing and communications capabilities to do so. But so do a lot of agencies. What makes us different is our ability to use them — creatively, efficiently, successfully.

GO for big results.

We believe budget shouldn't dictate success, so we push to make every marketing dollar impact results. How? We listen. We collaborate. And then we work really, really hard.

From creating Emmy award-winning videos to getting our work talked about on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we like to break limits. GO big or GO home, you could say.

That's why our clients tend to stick around. Because once we get going, it's an exciting, worthwhile ride. 

Our Vision:

Be the kind of company your mom would want you to keep.™

Our Mission:

Do good work. With good people. For good people.